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Pool Safety

The backyard swimming pool is an Australian icon that for many years has provided good times and healthy recreation for people of all ages.

While swimming pools allow us to get together with our friends and family to share fun, fitness and relaxation, they can also pose a risk. There are some easy to remember rules that need to be followed to ensure the safe use of swimming pools and spas at all times. SPASA recommends these safety guidelines be followed at all times:

  • Supervise children at all times around water. If you need to leave the pool or water area, even for a moment, take the child with you.

  • Make sure your pool or spa has compliant fencing and childproof locking. Always remember that a swimming pool fence is not a substitute for supervision.

  • Don’t leave furniture or other items accessible that children can climb on near your pool or spa fence.

  • Be aware that hair, bathing suit strings and tassels or body parts can become entangled in an improperly covered drain or suction point.

  • Display a resuscitation chart on your pool fence and take a CPR course so you will know what to do in an emergency.

  • Familiarise children with water by taking them to swimming lessons at the local pool.

  • Make sure all pool users are warned against sitting on, or covering, a drain or suction point. This can cause injury, or in extreme cases, death.

  • Empty paddling pools, baths, basins, sinks and troughs when they are not in use.

  • Never take your eyes off children when they are in or around water. It only takes a few seconds for a child to drown.

  • Alcohol and swimming don’t mix. Never drink around water.

  • Most backyard pools are too shallow for diving. Place “No Diving” signs prominently around your pool.

  • Be aware that poorly designed pools and spas can create an entrapment hazard. Get a qualified person to check your pool and spa to ensure safety. Replace broken or missing suction covers and have anti entrapment covers fitted if needed.

  • Never put your head under water when in a spa.

  • Ensure that spas have a “Spa Pool Safety Rules” sign prominently displayed.

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