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Minister for Local Government announces stronger NSW swimming pool laws

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21 October 2009 
Minister for Local Government announces stronger NSW swimming pool laws 

This morning the Minister for Local Government, Barbara Perry, put out a media release announcing stronger NSW swimming pool laws. The announcement relates to pool fences, with the requirement that all backyard swimming pools in NSW have a four-sided barrier, regardless of the size or the location of the property they are on. 

 The new laws are set to be introduced to State Parliament, and they will remove previous automatic exemptions from four-sided barriers for new pools on large (two hectare and over), small (less than 230 square metres), and waterfront properties. There are a number of other proposed changes to the Swimming Pools Act 1992, relating to pool fences, the authority of local councils, and pool safety.

 The Minister for Local Government sent out her media release this morning, but failed to notify SPASA. However, we have had the chance to respond via the media and get our points across. Our President Peter Moore was today interviewed by Channel 10, Channel 7, Prime TV and ABC Radio. The television interviews will be aired on tonight’s 6pm news bulletins, and Peter’s interview on ABC Radio will be heard at around 4.20pm this afternoon on the drive show. As the peak industry representative, SPASA was the first point of contact for the media following the announcement by the Government.

 SPASA provided a submission to the State Government in May 2009 relating to the Swimming Pools Act Review. Whilst SPASA is in support of review to the legislation, we understand it is not viable to impose a blanket approach with regards to pool fencing, given that each pool is unique. We will be seeking further consultation with the Department of Local Government to ensure the industry’s concerns are heard and viable solutions are developed.  Within SPASA’s membership base, we have the skills and resources to be able to greatly assist with developing solutions which are feasible.

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