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NSW Government to implement key pool safety recommendations

30 April 2010 
Peak pool industry body calls for NSW Government to implement key pool safety recommendations
Collaborative approach crucial, says SPASA NSW 

The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of NSW (SPASA) has called on the NSW Government to subsidise CPR training and introduce mandatory swimming lessons for all pre-school and school aged children. The call comes in light of the NSW Deputy Coroner’s finding today into the drowning deaths of eight young children. 


“SPASA NSW has already made a submission to the NSW Government, with a number of key recommendations,” says Spiros Dassakis, ceo of SPASA NSW. “In this submission we have called on the government to treat private pools the same as private dwellings, and for registers to be kept and maintained by each local council. 

“In addition, we encourage the government to subsidise CPR training for all parents and introduce mandatory swimming lessons for children, as part of the school syllabus. We strongly encourage governments to be proactive and heavily invest in education. A collaborative approach will help ensure the message gets through.  

“If pool and spa owners take into account vital safety tips, then there will be greater peace of mind. Our advice to pool and spa owners is simple: swimming pool and spa safety starts with you.”  

Fencing laws are due to change on 1 June 2010, and automatic exemptions which were provided to properties under 230sqm, waterfront properties and acreage in excess of five acres will be removed, requiring all pools after this date to have a complying child barrier.  

“At the end of the day, nothing beats supervision,” says Spiros Dassakis, ceo of SPASA NSW. “Water is like a magnet to young children, so having an adult supervise while children are playing in or around your backyard pool is crucial.  

“There are several key pool safety measures to help prevent a pool tragedy: supervision, fencing, education and water familiarisation, and checking – regular checking of pool fences and gates, not to mention the perimeter of pools to ensure there is nothing there that children can climb over. We also encourage people to undertake a resuscitation course.”

SPASA has been successfully lobbying Standards Australia, the Office of Fair Trading and the ACCC with regards to pool safety. In addition, SPASA sponsors KidSafe NSW, a leader in injury prevention. A range of swimming pool and spa safety tips plus other fact sheets are available from the SPASA website at


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