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Ministerial Appointment

28 May 2012
Ministerial Appointment for SPASA NSW CEO

Spiros Dassakis, Chief Executive Officer of SPASA NSW has been appointed as a member of the Home Building Advisory Council by the Minister for Fair Trading, The Hon. Anthony Roberts MP. 

Advisory Council Members are appointed based on their individual experience, industry expertise and existing participation in other committees and representation of constituencies to Government.

The Advisory Council (established under Section 115C of the Home Building Act 1989) is required to work through a broad range of issues including providing advice on a range of legislative, regulatory, strategic and policy decisions which impact industry.

Under the Home Building Act 1989 all licensed holders including Swimming Pool Builders and Pool & Spa Service Technicians must be licensed for the kind of residential building work they do where the value of the work is over $1,000.

Mr Dassakis as part of the Advisory Committee will:

  • Advise the Minister on such consumer-related or trader-related issues relating to the home building industry
  • Provide advice to the Minister with respect to any other matter referred to it by the Minister

“I’m very honoured to have been appointed to this Advisory Council given that the swimming pool and spa industry contributes in excess of $1 billion a year to Australia’s national gross domestic product,” says Dassakis.

“SPASA NSW has been a proactive campaigner in industry representation and advocacy at all levels of Government, Regulators and other industry bodies over the last 3years. We have provided representation on a number of state and national committees, keeping up-to-date on prominent industry issues and ensuring the swimming pool & spa industry continues to have a strong voice.

In addition, I am proud to have represented industry on the following Australian Standard Committees:

  • AS1926.1           Swimming Pool Safety - Safety Barriers
  • AS1926.2           Swimming Pool Safety - Location of Safety Barriers
  • AS1926.3           Swimming Pool Safety - Water Recirculation Systems
  • AS2610.1           Spa Pools – Public Spas - Part 1
  • AS2610.2           Spa Pools – Private Spas - Part 2
  • AS/NZS              2416.1 Water Safety Signs and Beach Safety Flags – Part 1
  • AS/NZS              2416.2 Water Safety Signs and Beach Safety Flags – Part 2
  • AS/NZS              2416.3 Water Safety Signs and Beach Safety Flags – Part 3
  • AS1900               Flotation Aids for water familiarisation and swimming tuition
  • AS3634               Solar Heating Systems for Swimming Pools - PENDING

This Ministerial appointment reaffirms SPASA NSW’s unique position as the prominent peak body representing all sectors of the swimming pool and spa industry which includes builders, retailers, service technicians, ancillary trades, suppliers, manufacturers, consultants, architects and engineers.”

“The number one benefactor of this appointment is the entire swimming pool & spa industry” added Dassakis.