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Chemicals Offically Launched

logo_newsNEWS RELEASE 26th July 2013
Officially Launched

Voluntary Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern

The Voluntary Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern which was developed in partnership with  industry was offically launced by the Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus in Canberra on 25th July 2013.

The Voluntary Code of Practice is for importers, distributors, transporters, universities, agricultural sector, hardware stores, swimming pool and spa industry, hairdressers and any other industry sector that manufacturers, handles or uses any of these chemicals.   

 A wide range of industrial, agricultural and veterinary chemicals are legitimately used by individuals and organisations every day throughout Australia. However, some of these chemicals have in the past been diverted from their legitimate use and used for unlawful purposes, including terrorist activity.

The Voluntary Code of Practicehas been developed to improve the security around chemicals, inform industry about the risk of chemicals they handle, and enhance the measures that industry has in place to prevent, detect and deter terrorist use of chemicals.

Of the 40,000 chemicals approved for use in Australia, authorities have identified 96 chemicals that are of security concern. The Voluntary Code of Practicefocuses on 11 of the highest risk chemicals that can be used to make explosives. 

   11 Identified Precursor Chemicals

     1. Ammonium perchlorate
     2. Hydrogen peroxide
     3. Nitric Acid
     4. Nitromethane
     5. Potassium chlorate
     6. Potassium nitrate
     7. Potassium perchlorate
     8. Sodium azide
     9. Sodium chlorate
   10. Sodium nitrate
   11.Sodium perchlorate

The Voluntary Code of Practice contains advice for workplaces that handle those 11 high-risk chemicals. It contains practical security tips including:

- how to ensure people in your workplace can be trusted with chemicals of security concern,
- how to keep your chemicals physically secure
- how to detect and report suspicious behaviour to the National Security Hotline

Management, employees and contractors in the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry have a role to play in safeguarding the industry and all Australians.

Members and the broader industry need to understand and ensure they maintain a constant alert when storing, selling and transporting chemicals.

Chemical Security Risks are specific to your particular business and may include a combination of measures.

Industry should consider:

- Identifying the security gaps – find out where chemicals could be lost or diverted from your business and ultimately find their way into the wrong hands

- Treating the risks – apply processes relevant to your business to protect against loss and diversion of chemicals.


Video: SPASA assisted with the development of a chemical security training VIDEO in collaboration with the Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department.

The Chemical Security Awareness VIDEO can be viewed online by clicking here.


The podcast features former Attorney-General Nicola Roxon, Superintendent John Stapleton of Police Counter-Terrorism Command and SPASA CEO Spiros Dassakis talking about the national security risks of everyday chemicals.

You can listen to the Podcast by clicking here.


Below are a range of promotional materials you can download to help raise awareness about chemical security.

  1. Poster [DOC 290KB]
  2. Poster [PDF 338KB]
  3. Postcard [DOC 170KB]
  4. Postcard [PDF 207KB]
  5. Factsheet [DOC 169KB]
  6. Factsheet [PDF 206KB]
  7. Consumer brochure [DOC 211KB]
  8. Consumer brochure [PDF 243KB]
  9. Retailer brochure [DOC 212KB]
  10. Retailer brochure [PDF 242KB]

For more information, including a copy of the National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern visit:


SPASA has also helped by delivering the chemical security message to hundreds of industry members as well as inviting the Attorney-General’s Department to exhibit at the 2012 SPASA Trade Expo as well as at the upcoming 2013 SPASA CONVENTION.

Pool and spa industry professionals can find out more by visiting the Attorney General's Department exhibitor stand at the SPASA CONVENTION on the 15thAugust.

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