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Cleaning a Swimming Pool

logo_news NEWS RELEASE 21st October 2013

 In the first instance, home owners should take a water sample to their local licensed pool shop / pool professional so it can be tested. If that is not possible, then we would suggest the following:

Following any bushfire there is always debris, ash and environmental impurities left in the water. These impurities throw off the chemical balance in swimming pools and will cause pools to either go green or cloudy. It is important to first remove as much debris and ash from the swimming pool water and make sure all skimmer and pump baskets are clean.    

 Checklist following a bushfire

1. Check pH and adjust accordingly
2. Super chlorinate / Shock the pool - this will break down organic matter in the water and will kill of bacteria and algae spores
3. Brush walls and floors thoroughly
4. Add 5kg pH Buffer per 50,000 litres of water
5. After 4-6 hours the pool should be sanitised enough that you can target the cloudiness in the water
6. Add a Liquid or granular Flocculent to settle debris and organic matter. Run the filter on recirculate for three hours
7. Turn the pool off and leave still until the water is clear and all debris is settled on the floor. This can take between 12 and 36 hours
8. For a Sand Filter - Vacuum to the waste position until all debris is cleared
9. For a Cartridge Filter – Remove the cartridge and vacuum to the waste line
10. Add a long life maintenance algaecide in the days following
11. Take a sample of water (about 500mls) to your pool shop for a full test and balance.

Phosphates may have also been introduced into the water from all the debris and ash in the atmosphere and should be treated as a priority. If not, attend too immediately as algae will return quickly.

Some regions may experience power outages resulting in the pool and/or spa filtration system not working. In these circumstances, homeowners should contact their licensed local pool shop/pool professional, when possible, to establish the most appropriate water balance recovery for their particular circumstances.

For further information, please contact:

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