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Accreditation of Pool Certifiers

logo_newsNEWS RELEASE 6 August 2014
Building Professionals Board - Call for Submissions
Accreditation of Swimming Pool Certifiers
The Building Professionals Board (BPB) proposes to introduce a new category of accredited certifier - E1 Swimming Pool Certification in NSW - to certify that swimming pools and spa pools have a compliant child resistant barrier and warning notices.
From 29 April 2015, residential properties and tourist accommodation with a swimming pool or spa pool must have a certificate of compliance* for the pool barrier before the property can be leased or sold.. 
E1 certifiers will inspect swimming pool barriers, and issue either a certificate of compliance under the Swimming Pools Act 1992 or a notice to the owner to comply with the requirements of that Act.
Members are encouraged to have a say by 2 September 2014 about the draft Building Professionals Amendment (Accredited Certifiers) Regulation 2014 and amendments to the Accreditation Scheme.
SUBMISSIONS can be made online by 2 September 2014 by clicking HERE.
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The Building Professionals Board (BPB’s) proposal is to expand the current class of persons (Council Inspectors and Private Certifiers) to also include Builders and Pool Builders as parties authorised to inspect child resistant barriers around swimming pools.
With the safety of young children around backyard pools and spas in sharp focus, it is important that the BPB also consider ‘Licensed’ Swimming Pool and Spa Service Technicians as a viable addition in undertaking initial and subsequent inspections of barriers. 
Swimming Pool and Spa Service Technicians service thousands of residential pools in NSW every week. The first thing a Swimming Pool and Spa Service Technician does when he enters a property is open the pool gate. Also notable is that many Swimming Pool Service Technicians have historically been involved with undertaking some basic form of barrier inspections when entering a homeowner’s property as part of their Duty of Care regime. 
The inclusion of Swimming Pool and Spa Service Technicians as a sensible addition to what the BPB have already recommended would ensure that the barrier inspection program would achieve better saturation and outcomes across the state. 
SPASA foresees significant supply, demand and compliance issues arising that will create timing difficulties for the entire property cycle if additional qualified individuals are not considered. This will have far reaching consequences in the following areas:
- Stamp Duty and GST implications 
- Real Estate Agents 
- Homeowners 
- Investors 
- Rental Market 
- Shortage of Trades 
- Lawyers and 
- Conveyancing Professionals 
- Price Gouging 
Limiting the ability to perform a pool safety inspection to Councils, Private Certifiers, Builders and Pool Builders alone will undoubtedly mean increased costs to pool owners in NSW. 
Swimming Pool and Spa Service Technicians must also be considered. 
Anecdotal evidence suggests that Private Certifiers in NSW are unlikely to engage in these types of inspections for less than $500, if they are prepared to do them at all. Such costs will simply push pool owners to approach local councils to carry out the inspection, given that the legislation mandates a fee of $150 for the initial inspection. SPASA submits that councils will be bombarded by pool owners to have their inspections carried out and will be unable to cope with the demand. 
Discussions with a number of Councils indicate:
- They have insufficient resources to meet the level of inspections that will be required
- They lack the knowledge and expertise
- They do not wish to participate
- They would rather outsource
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