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Face to Face Short Courses

Face to Face Training for the Swimming Pool Industry

Face to Face Short courses are units of competency from within Certificate III and Certificate IV qualifications relevant to the Swimming Pool and Spa industry. Upon successful completion of any of these short courses you will be issued with a statement of attainment that can be used as credit towards a full qualification. Please note that due to government requirements, all course enrolments require two forms of colour identification be submitted to a student's enrolment form.

All courses also earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.cpdLogo

Pool and Spa Service Related Short Courses from CPP31212 - 

Routine Pool and Spa Maintenance 

  • CPPSPS3004A - Routinely Maintain Swimming Pools and Spa Water Circulation & Filtration Systems
  • CPPSPS3003A - Routinely Maintain Swimming Pools & Spas
  • CPPSPS3005A - Routinely Maintain Swimming Pools and Spa Dosing Systems
  • CPPSPS3006A - Routinely Maintain Swimming Pools and Spa Cleaning & Vacuuming Systems

This cluster of units includes;

1) Preparing for routine maintenance to pool and spa circulation and filtration systems,

2) Assessing hazards, including pool and spa safety barriers and completing maintenance activities,

3) Preparing for routine maintenance to swimming pool and spa dosing systems and

4) Maintenance of swimming pool and spa cleaning and vacuuming systems.

Price: $795  Duration: 3 Days + time to complete assessment  Dates: March 20-22, May 22-24 and September 18-20

Safe Handling of Chemicals

  • CPPSPS3001A - Handle, Transport and Store Swimming Pool and Spa Chemicals Safely
  • CPPDSM3009A - Maintain Workplace Safety in the Property Industry
  • CPCCOHS2001A - Apply OHS Requirements, Policies & Procedures in the Construction Industry
This cluster of units includes;
1) Handle, transport and store swimming pool and spa chemicals safely including assessing
risks associated with different types of swimming pool and spa chemicals; following emergency procedures for chemical spillages and leaks and
2) OHS policies and procedures to ensure own safety and that of others in the property industry workplace, including identification and control of workplace risks and hazards, applying appropriate responses to emergency
situations, and communicating workplace safety requirements.
Price: $295     Duration: 1 Day + time to complete assessment  Dates: March 31, June 16 and September 14

Monitor Pool Water Quality

  • SISCAQU201A - Monitor Pool Water Quality
  • SISCAQU304A - Maintain Pool Water Quality
This cluster of units includes;
1) The continuous monitoring of the water quality of swimming pools and aquatic facilities, taking corrective action and recording test results,
2) Outlines skills and knowledge required to maintain the water quality of swimming pools and aquatic facilities according to health standards.
Price: $295     Duration: 1 Day + time to complete assessment    Dates: april 28, july 31 and September 15

Pool & Spa Building Related Courses from CPC40808 -

Resolving Business Disputes and Preparing Contracts 

  • CPCCBC4024A - Resolve Business Disputes
  • CPCCBC4003A - Select and Prepare a Construction Contract
This cluster of units includes;
1) Advise on or resolve business disputes that may arise in the course of activities in residential and commercial contracting projects,
2) Provides the information required to select and prepare appropriate construction contracts, including the sections, clauses and conditions for low rise construction projects as well as provide advice on how to interpret complex documents, communicate clearly and succintly and negotiate. 
Price: $295     Duration: 1 Day + time to complete assessment       Dates: March 30 AND JUNE 28

Planning & Managing Finances in a Pool and Spa Building Business 

  • BSBSMB406A - Manage Small Business Finances
This unit includes;
1) Develop a financial plan to support business viability and
2) Implement, monitor and review strategies for the ongoing management of a small business’s finances. 
Price: $295     Duration: 1 Day + time to complete assessment       Dates: APRIL 18 AND July 11

Building Codes, Standards & Principles for Swimming Pools & Spas 

  • CPCCBC4034A - Apply codes and standards to building trade and service contracting
  • CPCCBC4048A - Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for swimming pools and spas

This cluster of units includes;

1) Access, interpret and apply relevant standards and codes applicable to the performance of building trade contracting and plumbing and services,

2) Access, interpret and apply relevant building codes and standards applicable to the construction processes of swimming pools and spas,

3) Apply structural principles to indoor and outdoor permanent swimming pool and spa building using conventional methods and understand structures classified by the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and

4) Supervise the systems through which materials are typically selected, acquired and stored on site for projects. 

Price: $295     Duration: 1 Day + time to complete assessment         Dates: MAY 18 AND August 24

Site Survey & Set-Out Procedures

  • CPCCBC4018A - Apply site surveys and set-out procedures to building and construction projects 
This cluster of units includes:
1) This unit of competency specifies what is required to conduct basic measuring and levelling techniques as part of the set-out procedures performed on building projects,
2) It also includes the use of technical instruments, application of standard procedures and performance of calculations necessary in the set-out of construction projects.
Price: $295     Duration: 1 Day + time to complete assessment     Dates: May 11, July 13 and september 28

OH&S in the Building & Construction Workplace

  • CPCCBC4002A - Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace 
This cluster of units includes:
1) Competencies required to conduct an OHS risk analysis, including the inspection of workplaces for hazards,
2) The development and implementation of appropriate responses, including responses required by state or territory legislation and regulations, to mitigate the risks are also addressed; and
3) The unit requires candidates to have a comprehensive and appropriate understanding of the complex range of legislative and workplace requirements to manage risk in building and construction workplaces.
Price: $295     Duration: 1 Day + time to complete assessment      Dates: June 19 and September 26 

All Face-to-Face Short Courses are held in the SPASA office at North Parramatta NSW

Class sizes are limited so please book early!


If catching a train, please alight at Parramatta Train Station and walk up the stairs to the Parramatta Bus Interchange. From Stand A4, you can catch either the M60 or the 601 route buses. Other available routes are the 549, 603, 606 and 706. Alight the bus at the Church/Toll St, North Parramatta bus-stop. The SPASA Training facility is about a 2 minute walk across the road and down to the end of Daking Street.


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