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Unique Student Identifier

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) scheme will commenced on 1 January, 2015. Anyone undertaking nationally recognised training from that date will need a USI.

Under the new initiative, students will be able to get a full transcript of all of the accredited training they have undertaken since 1 January 2015. The USI will allow all of an individual’s training records, entered in the national vocational education and training (VET) data collection, to be linked. The USI will make it easier for students to find, collate and authenticate their VET achievements into a single transcript. It will also ensure that students’ VET records are not lost.

The USI can be applied for online and at no cost to the student. Students can obtain their own USI or training providers can apply for a USI on a student’s behalf, with the student’s permission. 

When applying for a USI, students will be required to supply information that can be verified by the Australian Government’s document Verification Service, such as a Medicare card.  When using an accepted form of identification, the USI should be available within minutes.  The USI must be provided to the training provider before the person can receive a statement of attainment or qualification after 1 January 2015.

For more information or to apply for a USI visit the Unique Student Identifier website.

A students’ USI will stay with them for life and link all of their training records entered in the national vocational education and training data collection.